Every dish made in our kitchen each and every day

Soup Du Jour - Cup/Bowl


House Chips

bowl of thinly sliced house chips, served with horseradish aioli or house ranch


Fried Artichoke Hearts

served with caper aioli


Shrimp Scampi

white wine, lemon, garlic, calabrian pepper flake, butter


NOLA Shrimp

Big, plump blackened shrimp, served with housemade remoulade and cucumber


Meatball Al Forno | SIGNATURE DISH

A Switch signature dish: two large meatballs served with our housemade mozz and bread


Mozz Flatbread

featuring our housemade mozz, with garlic oil, served with marinara


Quattro Formaggi Flatbread

mozzarella, asiago, fontina, pecorino romano, garlic oil


Sicilian "FAT"bread

our same renowned dough, risen deep-dish style, san marzano pizza sauce, mozz, garlic oil


Tuscan "FAT"bread

our pan-risen dough, topped with garlic oil, wild mushrooms, leek, asiago and white truffle oil


Salads & Salad Entrees

Switch House Salad |SIGNATURE SALAD

generous plate of mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, roma tomato dressed with our renowned house vinaigrette

$ 6.95

Chopped Wedge

chopped iceberg wedge, topped with bacon, tomato and Switch buttermilk ranch

$ 7.95

Chinois Chicken (half or full portion)

mixed cabbage, fried wontons, house asian vinaigrette


Dolce e Solato

arugula, spinach, roasted walnut and pear, gorgonzola, finished with champagne vinaigrette


Caprese Salad (Seasonal)

housemade mozz, beefsteak tomato, basil, topped with select extra virgin olive oil and a side of modena balsamic vinegar


Steakhouse Salad

thinly sliced 8 oz. strip steak atop mixed greens and arugula, with balsamic + red wine vinaigrette


The Beginning & The End

a santone family classic, born from the tradition of enjoying salad following dinner. house salad topped with red wine + balsamic vinaigrette, alongside one or two meatballs and garlic bread



Spaghetti and Meatballs

the staple of every italian kitchen. two of our signature meatballs served with spaghetti marinara



a half-portion spaghetti and one meatball


Cacio e Pepe

a classic roman street dish of spaghetti, pecorino romano, toasted garlic and freshly cracked pepper


.................. add roasted chicken


Cacio Scampi

seared shrimp, spaghetti tossed in white wine, lemon and butter sauce


Carbonara with White Truffle Oil

spaghetti, pancetta, egg, pecorino, finished with white truffle oil


Wild Mushroom Rigatoni

sauteed crimini, shitake, portabello and button with mushroom cream reduction atop rigatoni


Fettucine Alfredo da Milano

A northern Italian spin on this made-from-scratch classic


................... add seared shrimp


Blackened Chicken with Creole Alfredo

blackened chicken breast, creole alfredo, sundried tomato, scallion, diced tomato


................add blackened shrimp



a refined twist on marinara. a sauce of san marzano infused with basil, garlic, chili flake, served with spaghetti


................... add meatball


Crab Ravioli

sauce of shallot, cream, capers, roasted red pepper, herb butter


Meatball Immaculata | SIGNATURE DISH

pasta with benevento accompanied by two of our large, signature meatballs


Rigatoni with Pancetta Vodka Sauce

pancetta, shallot, basil, vodka, san marzano cream sauce


Crispy Skin Salmon

pan seared, served atop vinaigrette dressed arugula, served alongside spaghetti tossed in pesto sauce


14 oz Ribeye

seasoned with our unbeatable "gunpowder seasoning,' served with your choice of side house salad or pesto spaghetti


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Pizza Napoletana

All pizzas made with imported Italian flour and baked in our high-temp Woodstone oven


the benchmark pizza against which every neopolitan pizza is measured. san marzano tomato, house-pulled mozz, basil



sauteed shitake, crimini, portabello and button mushroom, garlic herb oil, thyme, housemade mozz


Roasted Chicken

roasted chicken, caramelized onion, garlic herb oil, housemade mozz, fontina


Meatball Pizza

san marzano, our siganture meatballs, mozz, garlic oil, pecorino


The Garden

san marzano, red onion, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, spinach, mozz


The Oink

san marzano tomato pizza sauce, housemade mozz, soppressata, speck, italian sausage


Kid's Oink

san marzano pizza sauce, housemade mozz and sopressata (tell 'em it's a kicked up pepperoni and they'll love it)


The Switch

roasted pear, dolce latte, speck, gorgonzola, roasted walnuts, arugula


The Mediterranean

fire-roasted roman artichokes, sun-ripened dried tomato, capers, housemade mozz, fontina and halloumi


The Capra

fire-roasted red and yellow bell pepper, bacon, red onion, housemade mozz, california goat cheese


Sausage & Pepper

a staple pizza in any NYC pizzeria. italian sausage, roasted onion and bell pepper, san marzano, mozz


South Street

Our philly cheesesteak on a pizza, with mozzarella, garlic oil, caramelized onion, sauteed bell pepper



Rotating Desserts

revolving selection of godiva chocolate, white choolate, banana foster and new york cheesecakes, zeppole, tarts

$5 - $6

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